Platelet Rich Plasma

    Pain Management

    Recent advances in PRP technology have made it possible for Dr. Tess to promote healing, reduce inflammation and speed recovery without surgery. When activated in the body, platelets in the blood release regenerative cells known as “growth factors.” PRP contains several types of growth factors that naturally stabilize and repair tissue while helping to form new, healthy blood cells. Without PRP, injured tissues are often unable to repair themselves because they lack adequate blood supply. By using PRP, Dr. Tess is able to provide the body with the enriched blood it would naturally produce to heal itself under normal circumstances.

    Treatment Details
    PRP is an innovative injectable procedure for treatment of athletic injuries to accelerate healing and relieve pain. Treatment involves removing some of the patient’s own blood and specially preparing it to initiate healing and cellular regeneration in injured tissue. Processing the blood produces enriched blood platelets that contain growth factors. These concentrated platelets are collected and then re-injected into the site of injury or damage to stimulate healing of connective tissue. Stem cells eventually replace the blood platelets and then differentiate into tissues that are specific to the injured area, such as cartilage, ligament, tendon, or even bone. One session takes about 20 minutes and produces no scarring.

    Who Can Benefit?
    PRP can be a valuable technique in enhancing soft-tissue repair, particularly for repairing tendons, treating osteoarthritis, and healing wounds. This treatment is popular for active adults, college and high school athletes, and those who suffer from other orthopedic conditions of the knee or shoulder, including rotator cuff problems, meniscus tears or iliotibial band syndrome. It is particularly popular for professional athletes such as Hines Ward and Mark Pulamaou who have used PRP to heal knee, shoulder, and elbow injuries. Another advantage of PRP therapy is that it can be a natural and cost-effective alternative to surgery. Because the injected substance is from the patient’s own body, there is very little chance of rejection or allergic reaction

    Hair Loss Treatment

    Looking for a hair restoration solution without having to undergo surgery?  Dr. Tess provides a non-surgical, all-natural, and safe alternative to help with your hair loss. If you are experiencing hair loss and miniaturized hair growth, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) might be an effective option for you.
    PRP Therapy is a hair loss treatment which involves an injection to the scalp that restores miniaturized hair follicles. The injection helps stimulates follicular progenitor cells to become healthier and larger, promoting thicker hair growth while reducing hair loss. Whether you are male or female suffering from hair loss, PRP therapy can repair damaged tissue and produce satisfactory results..
    How does PRP therapy work? The procedure starts with a routine blood draw in our office, where the blood is spun through a centrifuge, leaving only the rich cells, or platelets, remaining. The highly concentrated platelets contain protein that promotes growth of cells and hair follicles, essential for stimulating hair restoration. The platelet rich plasma is then injected into the scalp through a micro needle.

    Some of the benefits of undergoing PRP therapy include some of the following:

    • Safe
    • Non-surgical
    • All-natural
    • Quick recovery time
    • No scarring
    • Effective results
    • Affordable

    If you are seeking an alternative hair loss treatment, PRP Therapy may be the right fit for you. By undergoing a simple, safe procedure you can be on your way to restoring your hair to its full, youthful essence.

    The Process


    facial1PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injection is a cutting edge treatment used to rejuvenate the skin by injecting a patient’s own platelets, growth factors, and naturally occurring products to turn the tide on the aging process in the areas of skin that are treated. These mediators stimulate collagen production, increase the strength and thickness of the skin, improve drooping and wrinkles, and greatly enhance the surface appearance of the skin. The goal of aesthetic PRP therapy is to repair and improve deficits created by the aging process. The procedure involves drawing the patient’s own blood, processing the blood in a specialized centrifuge, collecting the PRP component, and injecting the product into select areas of the skin that may benefit from the therapy. Popular treatment areas include saggy and wrinkled lower eyelids; wrinkled, puckered and aging skin surrounding the mouth; the drooping neck; and hair loss in the scalp (alopecia). PRP may also be combined with micro-needling to increase the benefits of micro-needling.