Medical Services

    Medical Services

    examsComprehensive Physical Exam (Ages Neonatal to Geriatrics)

    As a board-certified Family Medicine Physician, Dr. Tess is considered to have the widest set of primary care skills treating patients at every stage of life from birth through adulthood, and into the elderly years.  We provide our patients with high-quality primary care in a comfortable, supportive and discreet environment.  Your examination will be performed exclusively by a physician who takes the time to listen to you. As an added convenience, in-office prescription medications and lab work is available which eliminates the pharmacy detour before your arrival home to rest and start to process of recovery.


    Hormonal Replacement Therapy/Age Management

    Hot flashes? Decreased Energy?  The things you did before to lose weight don’t seem to work anymore?  Have you had your hormone levels checked?  The worst aspect of hormone imbalance is feeling out of control of your body.  Suddenly, your body no longer functions the way you have come to expect.  These are the side effects commonly experienced due to hormonal imbalances associated with the endocrine system commonly experienced in the aging process. Hormones travel through the blood stream to signal your organs and tissues to function properly.  Unfortunately, as we age, some of our hormonal levels start to deplete leading to side effects.

    As a CENEGENICS Fellowship-trained Age Management physician Dr. Tess is experienced in the management and regulation of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, nutritional supplements and the regulation of compounded pharmaceuticals.  The goal is to focus on hormonal optimization of all ages for better overall health and wellness.  She appreciates aging not as a disease, but as a natural physiological process that we all must endure as we chronologically advance through life. Hormone Replacement Therapy allows you to play an active role in reversing the effects of natural aging, the environment, stress and disease.

    Life Coach

    You have a DREAM to do something big in the world…to BE A GAME CHANGER!.  Your dream may take the form of a business, a career, a vision, a quest or a cause! As a certified Life Coach, one of Dr. Tess’ true pleasures in life is to help you make it happen!

    lifecoachYou will learn how to:

    • Regain clarity on how to achieve your goals and reach your full potential.
    • Eliminate everything you’re tolerating so as to enjoy life more fully.
    • Effectively communicate boundaries to get WHERE you want to go in life.
    • Build a reserve of time and money so you can do WHAT you want, WHEN you want to do it.
    • Increase your energy to get more done, with time left over to DO what you love most.
    • Attract people and opportunities to you.

    Sexual Dysfunction Therapy

    Dr. Tess discusses the neuroanatomy and physiology of male/female sexual response thereafter discussing the role of factors such as hormones, diabetes, hypertension and depression in causing sexual dysfunction. She assists in unlocking the background causes and offers a full range of treatment options. She has knowledge on new therapies for ERECTILE disorders/Rapid Ejaculation Vacuum Devices, Gels and PRP Injections.